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3 simple steps to stay FIT while flying! - Amir Alshamy

1. Nutrition

As a former cabin crew, I found it hard to prepare my meals before every flight especially if i had night flights.

The easiest way I found was to make sure I made double the portion of my dinner the day before my flight. That way, I could have the first half for my dinner that day/night and the second half I could pack and take on my flight as lunch.

I would always make sure I ate breakfast before leaving the house for my flight. Even if you don’t have much time, try making a quick smoothie using NutriBullet or a blender. Easy!

If you’re hungry between meals make sure to snack on fruits such as apples or bananas

Also, protein shakes or protein bars are good to eat before starting the service. Of course, this will prevent you from reaching for the chocolate in the dry stores.

Quick tips:

– During the service drink plenty of water.

– After the service eat the lunch that you’ve already packed.

– When you land on a layover trip be careful about what you eat. If you choose to eat in the hotel, choose the healthiest option. Be careful- make sure to eat 2 hours before going to bed.

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2. Sleeping

It’s really hard to follow Dubai time all the time especially when you’re in a different time zone.

The best thing to do is to follow your own body o’clock- don’t push your body- listen to it.

A power nap will help you and give you good energy to go out and explore a new destination.


3. Exercise

No excuses. You can workout after a flight. Just give yourself a 2 hour gap. Use the time that the customers disembark, you have to do the post landing duties and reach home/ the hotel to wind down. By this time, your good to go and hit your workout.

You should be working out at least 4 times a week and you need to incorporate both lifting and cardio into your training to get the maximum result.

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